Physician Assistant Specialty Profiles

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Most of the time when you read about the Physician Assistant profession, you encounter something along the lines of the following:

Physician Assistants are highly skilled medical practitioners who work under the supervision of a physician.  They are able to carry out many of the same tasks of physicians including taking patient histories, performing physical exams, diagnosing conditions, and treating patients. Physician assistants are able to prescribe medications and perform procedures.  Although legally they require supervision, they exercise a high level of autonomy in patient care and medical decision-making.  Physician assistants generally have a significant degree of health care experience prior to training and earn a Master's degree upon fulfilling graduation requirements.

The above, although somewhat helpful to the person who has never heard of the physician assistant career, does not suffice. No, it's superficial and generic, especially for those researching the career to determine if it's something they want to invest years of time and thousands of dollars to pursue.

What's more helpful is understanding what real physician assistants do from day to day. That's why we've developed our PA Specialty Profiles --- to give you a taste of what it's really like to be a physician assistant!

Physician Assistant Profile PicturePA Specialty Profile: Emergency Medicine --- Jackie Kazik PA-C
Jackie has worked in Urgent care and Emergency Medicine since 2004. Prior to this, she had the opportunity to practice in a Women’s Health clinic for 12 years, where she focused mostly on gynecologic and prenatal care. She also has experience in Pediatrics. READ THE PROFILE!

Physician Assistant Profile Picture - Jessica King PA-CPA Specialty Profile: Pediatric Gastroenterology --- Jessica King PA-C
Jessica, a recent graduate of Marquette’s PA Program, has worked in Pediatric Gastroenterology since the middle of 2009. Prior to becoming a PA, Jessica worked with oncology patients as a Registered Dietitian. READ THE PROFILE!

Physician Assistant Specialty Profile - OrthopedicsPA Specialty Profile: Orthopedics  --- Joanna Hutchins PA-C
Joanna has worked for an independent Orthopaedic Surgery Practice since 2004. She earned her BS in PA studies in 2004 and a MPAS in 2007 from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. READ THE PROFILE!