Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested in subscribing for a Paying Membership but I don't want to set up automated payments. Are there any other payment options?

Our system has a secure setup for processing payments and canceling is easily accomplished with the click of a button. For those who would still rather avoid setting up automated payments, we do offer non-automated payments. However, because this requires manual activation, you must contact us to make the request at

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When I'm ready to discontinue my automated paying Subscription, how do I go about doing this? Will deleting my account also cancel my paying Subscription through PayPal?

Discontinuing your automated paying subscription is easy. Make sure you are logged in and go to your profile by clicking on "My Account" at the top of the page. Once there, just click on the "Cancel Paying Membership" in the "Account Options" box.

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How accurate are your Summary Program Profiles? What is your protocol for updating the Summary Program Profiles?

Program Profile information is intended to serve as a SNAPSHOT SUMMARY ONLY. Although we strive to include the most accurate and up-to-date information we can, the volume and everchanging nature of the content makes it impossible to update all changes as they occur in real time. We have a staff member dedicated to continuously updating this information. We obtain the information by evaluating each program's website. If there are any discrepancies with information that we find, we contact the programs via email, or by phone when necessary, to determine the most accurate information. Additionally, we have a regular schedule of sending each program a snapshot of their Summary Profile and ask them to inform us of any inaccuracies or changes that need to be made. Because it's impossible to be 100% accurate, we include two links with every program profile, one which takes the user to the home page of the PA Program, and the other which takes the user to the program's page dedicated to prerequisite information (see images below). This way, when our website users encounter a program of interest, they can easily access and verify the information that we provide!

I work as a Health Professions Advisor and I'm interested in obtaining a Supporter Level Membership. Do I have permission to allow my advisees to use my account to take advantage of the Supporter Level Benefits?

We encourage all Health Professions Advisors to allow their advisees to use their account. We only ask that you not disclose your username and password and that you restrict the use of your account to the confines of your office or designated counseling center. Students who wish to utilize the Supporter Level Benefits outside of this context must purchase a private subscription.

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How can I help if I discover an inaccuracy, a broken link, or bug with the website?

Overall, this website takes a significant effort to maintain. Therefore, we appreciate any time a user reports a problem. Simply fill out the short form below and we'll address the issue as quickly as possible:

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I've read through all of the FAQs and I still have questions, how can I contact someone at

We're happy to help! You can contact us in one of three ways:

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Why don't you have a contact phone number?

Our core team consists of individuals who work or study in a full-time capacity in addition to the responsibilities we carry for developing and maintaining the website. Therefore, the great majority of the time, attempting to contact us by phone would require the caller to leave a message. We are able to respond to general inquiries and our customers' needs more quickly and efficiently through email.

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