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Reflection from the President

When I think deeply about PA education, I shake my head a bit and smile.  What we are trying to accomplish is no simple task!  The charge?  Take students from a variety of backgrounds, with differing degrees and types of health care experience, and train them to become compassionate, competent health care providers in around two years!  Wow!  For those who don’t know much about medicine this may not seem like a big deal.  For those who do, the prospect of accomplishing such seems miraculous!  Of course, this is why PA education must be exceptionally rigorous.  Two years goes by in the blink of an eye, and then student, now graduate, must be able to succeed without the guidance and supervision offered by a formalized educational institution.  Every single team member at PhysicianAssistantED.com appreciates deeply the exceptional challenge of the task!  So I share with you our mission statement...

Our mission is to strengthen Physician Assistant Education by creating and sustaining a rich, user-driven PA Education community and blogging network.  We will strive to develop a framework to maximize professional collaboration amongst prospective and current PA students, PA program educators, and PA alumni.  We will also develop high quality educational modules to facilitate the preparation of prospective PA students, the training of current PA students, and to promote the development of instructional skills for PA program educators across the globe!

Core Team Members

David Payne PA-C,E - Website Founder and President

Ceri Payne MSEd - Vice President

Jackie Kazik PA-C,E - Article & Website Contributor

  • PA Program Consultant and adjunct Faculty member
  • Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant
  • National Board Certification Prep Speaker
  • Graduate of the University of Wisconsin Madison
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Amy Marchewka PA-S - Article & Website Contributor