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June 20, 2012 in PA Educators, Prospective PAs

I recently had an excellent opportunity to do a Q&A about working in Academic Medicine. I also had the opportunity to discuss I've provided an excerpt below but make sure to check out the full version by clicking here!

News-Line Feature Excerpt

Q: How is being a Physician Assistant educator different than being a clinician?

A: The most important thing to understand is that academia is an entirely different career. You go from practicing as a clinician to educating as a professor. Yes, the content you are delivering is medicine, and you have to have expertise in that arena, but that’s only a prerequisite to the knowledge and skills you must develop and employ as an educator. Becoming an outstanding educator is challenging. It’s not as simple as walking into the classroom and sharing the experiences you have had in the clinic or the vault of medical knowledge in your head. I’ve seen some brilliant clinicians perform rather poorly in the classroom. Even though they had great expertise in their specialty, they hadn’t a clue as to how to effectively deliver that information to students.

Q: What is going to be unique about UC's Physician Assistant Program?

A: The first thing we did in developing this program was to reflect upon our previous experiences as students and educators in other programs. We thought deeply about what worked well, and what didn’t. As a result, I feel we have put together a phenomenal program that is truly learner-centered and application-based. Some highlights of our program include excellent faculty-to-student ratios where we can take advantage of education through mentoring, a strong emphasis on analytical thinking and problem-solving, a curriculum that will train students to be exceptionally resourceful, and a pass-fail system that reinforces collaboration and a team-based model of patient care. Our students will also produce a practice portfolio, a master’s degree-level project designed to cultivate a consistent pattern of self-reflective practice that will prove to be a major strength for them throughout their careers. I wrote a blog post with more information (University of Charleston Physician Assistant Program Now Accepting Applications) for anybody interested in learning more.

Make sure you read the entire interview by clicking here!

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