Physician Assistant Student Falling in Love with Primary Care

March 22, 2012 in PA Students, Prospective PAs

May 2011 was the beginning of my clinical experiences!  If you would have asked me then I would not have been able to tell you what field I wanted to go into after graduation, I was an open slate! Now that I have just finished my third clinical rotation with the UW-Madison PA program, I have a much better idea.  I absolutely love primary care! Clinicals have been flying by fast.  My first mini-rotation was 3 weeks in family medicine.  My next rotation was a split rotation, 4 weeks inpatient oncology and 4 weeks endocrinology.  Then I spent 8 week in a family medicine clinic in a small town in Minnesota outside of the Twin Cities.  Next up was emergency medicine for 8 weeks.  I enjoyed each rotation for different reasons; however, my initial 3 weeks and later 8 weeks in family medicine were the rotations I was most passionate about...  I loved the variety of patients: the very young, pre-teens, teens, adults, and the elderly. Often entire families would come into the office and the mom, dad, and children would be seen all in one day!  Although it made the rooms crowded at times, I really enjoyed being able to interact with the entire family at once and see the dynamics of their relationship. This gave me clues into the overall health of the family.

I also really enjoy the PREVENTATIVE side of family medicine.  For a while before choosing Physician Assistant as a career, I was planning on becoming a biology teacher.  Educating patients regarding lifestyle, medication benefits and side effects, vaccines, their specific disease pathology, etc. is a way that I can also teach which is very exciting for me.  A future goal of mine is to become very effective at educating patients in order to help them avoid diseases in the future.  This is something I have become very passionate about!

My final rotation is an elective of my choice.  I chose family medicine in a small rural town about one hour away from Madison, WI where I live.  This will give me more opportunity to prepare myself for graduation, which is this May already!

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  1. What I love so much about this field is the ability to teach!! As i dig deeper into my experiences of shadowing PA’s and learning new material…I am always thinking in the back of my mind how I would synthesize and teach this information to a patient (a child, a stock broker, a fitness guru, an older patient, a mom or dad, and a special needs patient for example)…I need to be able to adapt my “teaching” or “diagnostic” style to fit the individual needs of each patient….As a special educator switching fields…I can honestly say that the similarities are endless!!! Good luck to you and great post!

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